Creating a Course that Works

So you want to create a course that works? We have a great guest blog post from Sam Nordberg that will teach you how to discover your core focuses when creating a new course.

You might have heard me say it before… and I am sure that you will hear me say it again. 

If you are going to create your own course, then the first and most important step is getting really clear on who you are writing the course for. 

The clearer you can be when you think about the audience of your course, the easier it will be to create. 

You see, when people ask me questions like “How long should my course be?” “How much should my course cost?” and “Where should I host my course?” or “What tech should I use?” … my answer ALWAYS depends on who you are creating a course for.

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Sam Nordberg loves creating kick ass courses! Sam works with passionate people just like you, to take all of that “stuff” out of their head and turn it into a course. With over 10 years’ experience training others, Sam can make the process quick, easy and plenty of fun. For more information on Sam visit

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